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Sentences handed out in DRUM court case; 20 years prison for main suspect

Sentences where handed down today in the DRUM-case dealing with the home robbery in Sabadeco, leading to the death of a police officer in function. and Photo: The BES-reporter.

Kralendijk – The court in first instance of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba today ruled in the case of the seven suspects who have been charged in the DRUM investigation. The case relates to a home robbery committed in August 2016 in the Sabadeco neighborhood and which ultimately lead to the death of police office Ferry Bakx.

Nearly all charges as presented by the public prosecutor have been found proven by the court. Three suspects were sentenced according to the claim of the prosecutor; four others received a lower sentence than demanded.

The robber who shot and killed Bakx received a sentence of 19 years imprisonment.

In the eyes of the court however, Bonairian R.S. played the most important role in the crimes committed. R.S. took advantage of the fact that Venezuelans, given the situation in their country, would be vulnerable to perverse financial incentives. He has allowed them to execute the dirty work, while he himself stayed out of sight. R.S, according to the court, has wriggled in a variety of directions to hide the truth about his role in the events, apparently in the hope that he could escape his criminal responsibility. The court ruled that he had to get the heaviest punishment and imposed the 20-year imprisonment demanded by the prosecutor.

The court also followed the claim of the prosecutor in the case of the Venezuelan suspect with whom the Bonairian suspect had arranged everything. According to the court, the defendant had needed little encouragement to play an important role in the crimes committed. He was therefore convicted to 18 years imprisonment.

The suspect who directed his weapon at one of those present in residence in the presence of a child, also was sentenced to the 16 years imprisonment demanded by the prosecutor. The other three Venezuelans received 12, 13 and 14 years of imprisonment respectively. The lowest punishment was awarded to the robber who was described as ‘kind’ by the residents because he tried to reassure the child present during the robbery.

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