Series of Mini-expeditions should yield data about whales and dolphins around ABC Islands

WILLEMSTAD – The Caribbean Cetacean Society (CCS) is conducting its first-ever scientific whale and dolphin expedition, called Ti Whale An Nou, across Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao, divided into six mini-expeditions from October 10th to October 29th. 

The initiative encourages participation from residents of the ABC islands to contribute to research rather than being a tourist attraction. The goal is to gather data to better protect these endangered marine animals from human-related threats. In addition to studying whales and dolphins, CCS will also observe seabirds, an area with scarce data in the Caribbean. 

Participants assist in observations, photography, and data collection during three-day missions at sea. This effort aims to enhance capacity building in the Caribbean and is dedicated to Paul Hoetjes, a prominent figure in nature management and conservation in the Dutch Caribbean region. 

Three-year initiative

The program, funded by the World Wildlife Fund, is part of a three-year initiative covering all islands between Grenada and Anguilla, including the French, Dutch, and English islands, have been monitored. Starting this year, the ABC islands will also be included in this multi-year regional program.

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