SGB Introduces Combination Class Framework-MAVO for Eighth-grade Students on Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – The SGB plans to start a combination class framework-MAVO from August 1st, 2023. This new class is intended for current 8th grade students who have received a double recommendation for framework-MAVO. The goal of the combination class is to give students on Bonaire more time to develop and determine their appropriate education level.

In the combination class, students will start at the highest level, the MAVO level. During the school year, the level will be evaluated per subject and the student will be offered the subject at that level. There will be periodic meetings to discuss the progress of the students and which education level will best suit them in the future.

After the combination class, the student will move on to the second year of VMBO-framework or MAVO. This gives the child more time to adjust to secondary education and show what they are capable of. The combination class framework-MAVO is a collaboration between Liseo Boneriano and VMBO, with teaching by colleagues from both locations. The methods used are suitable for both framework and MAVO.

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