SGB will not respond to anonymous accusations

Riet Sealy leaves nothing to be desired about the Board’s position on anonymous declarations. Photo: Riet Sealy

KRALENDIJK – The Supervisory Board of Directors of the Scholengemeenschap Bonaire (SGB) has no intention to respond to various anonymous allegations that have appeared in local media in recent weeks.

“Against anonymous accusations, insinuations, insults, and even outright lies, SGB cannot defend itself, and the Board has no intention to do so,” says Riet Sealy, the Board’s chairperson.

Sealy notes that calls for “honesty and transparency” seem unbelievable when the letter-writer does not reveal their identity.

According to Sealy, there are sufficient avenues within the school for lodging complaints or voicing concerns. “Of course, there is always room for improvement, and criticism is welcome, but it should be brought forth openly and based on facts. Dialogue cannot take place with anonymous writers.”


Sealy also emphasizes that the Board of Trustees fully supports MBO unit-director Liset De Keijzer. “The Board of Trustees acts objectively and independently, and based on facts, stands firmly behind De Keizer and her efforts to provide quality education at the MBO level, together with team leaders and staff.”

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