Sint Maarten Conference unites 27 Countries to protect consumers and intellectual property

PHILIPSBURG- The Second Annual Inter-Counterfeit and Intellectual Property Conference in Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten, saw experts from 27 countries come together to address the global issue of counterfeit goods and protect intellectual property rights. 

The conference, hosted by Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson and supported by the Government of Sint Maarten and DISOSA, emphasized the need for global collaboration. Speakers, including Gerardo Ortiz of Nike and Julie Meija of Proctor and Gamble (P&G), highlighted the serious consequences of counterfeit products on consumers, both in terms of safety and health. 

Peggy-Ann Brandon of the Sint Maarten Chamber of Commerce introduced the “COCI Approach,” advocating for awareness and encouraging consumers to support businesses committed to authentic, safe products. 

The event marked a significant expansion from the previous year, with international speakers and participants demonstrating the ongoing importance of combating counterfeit trade and protecting intellectual property

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