Site of the old prison is being renovated into a green recreational area

KRALENDIJK – The grounds of the former prison in Kralendijk, located next to the FXDC Post Office, are being transformed into a recreational area named Brion Square.

The activities, which are part of the Central Vision, will commence soon with preparatory tasks such as checking water lines and sewage. The square will include a stage, a play area for children, and ample seating.

Deputies Hennyson Thielman, James Kroon, and Jolinda Craane emphasize the importance of people of all ages being able to fully enjoy the island. They point out that the center of Kralendijk forms the heart of Bonaire due to its historical significance and attraction for residents and visitors. The former Brion prison square is being developed in a way that allows you to still park your car behind it.

The design aims to become a central meeting point where both young and old can come together. With the green, inviting character of the square, featuring shaded areas and seating, they hope to enhance the vibrancy and atmosphere in the city center.

The first phase of the work focuses on preparing the site. In addition to inspecting the infrastructure, the construction site is being cleaned up, and fences will be set up.

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