Six Candidates for Miss Tourism Bonaire

Caroline Coffie was the first Miss Tourism elected. Photo: TCB

Kralendijk- Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) will this year be once again organizing the Miss Tourism Bonaire 2019 pageant.

A total of 6 participants registered for the Miss Tourism Bonaire 2019 pageant. TCB will be having a 3 month well balanced program filled with a lot of positive and educational activities. Among other important talk shows, tourist and cultural workshops, cat walk, photo sessions, recordings on TV and radio, sightseeing around Bonaire and much more.

All the participants are super excited for this big event. Miss Tourism Bonaire 2019 event will take place on September 7th, 2019 at Jong Bonaire in a tremendous show, with a lot of light and smoke effect, dance and choreography. With the theme: Glamour Night.

According to TCB, regardless of final results, all the participants can be considered winners. The winner, finalists and even those who don’t get any prizes are winners, because what these participants will learn during this pageant will help them in their personal and professional development.

The girl elected Miss Tourism Bonaire will become the face of Bonaire and represent TCB on all fields both locally and internationally.

Names of the participants for the Miss Tourism Bonaire are: Uyshantaly Coffie, Katherine Montero, Ewellin Lanbert, Lorienny Mercera, Shanyvienne Seraus, Deborah Valentijn.

TCB says they want to thank all the 6 participants and their parents for putting their trust in this pageant and guarantees that this show will be one of high level.

For more information relating to this event of Miss Tourism Bonaire 2019 contact Mr. Angelo Domacasse Event Coordinator at TCB via 717-8322. Email

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