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Six Residents Bonaire Receive Royal Decoration

Recipients of a Royal Decoration toast, together with Governor Edison Rijna, on the occation. Photo: Government of Bonaire

Kralendijk – “You are role models for the community. I hope you continue to display your exemplary behavior, which is an inspiration to young and old alike.” Words from Island Governor Edison Rijna to the six people who received their Royal Decoration on Friday.

The six are Henna Winklaar, Maria “Riet” Sealy-Clappers, Janice Lee Baillie Huckaby, Oswin Cristina, Reynolds “Nolly” Oleana, Edwin “Win” Emerenciana.

The six persons in question had already received notification of their decoration before King’s Day on April 27th. However, due to the corona measures, there was no meeting at the time. Now that the situation allows for small group to gathers, the decorated residents and their families were invited to an official ceremony. There, Island Governor Rijna handed out the Royal Decoration to each of the recipients.

Members in the order of Oranje Nassau have become Janice Lee Baillie Huckaby and Oswin Cristina. Knight in the order of Oranje Nassau are now Henna Winklaar, Maria ‘Riet’ Sealy-Clappers, Reynolds ‘Nolly’ Oleana, Edwin ‘Win’ Emerenciana.


The Royal Decoration Commission of Bonaire calls on everyone to inform them of persons who do valuable work for the Bonairean community. In this way, these people can also be recognized for their service to our community and be presented for a Royal Decoration.

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