Police and justice

Slain Police Officer Ferry Bakx remembered

Kralendijk- In a solemn ceremony Police Officer Ferry Bakx has been remembered by the Police Force in Bonaire. Today it is 5 years ago that the officer was shot and killed during a burglary at a house in Sabadeco by a group of Venezoalan burglars.

Bakx was one of the first to arrive at the seen of the burglary in progress and received a fatal shot by one of the robbers. Bakx’s death caused an enormous commotion on the island and left many traumatized, not in the last place his colleagues on the Police Force.

All robbers involved were caught after an intense investigation of some week, and are currently serving prison sentences of many years. The group had been aided by a local person, who had also planned other robberies on wealthy families on the island.

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