Sneek to Knops: ‘The Goat Problem is Yours Now’

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- Independent Island Councilman Koos Sneek says he was highly surprised by the suggestion by caretaker State Secretary Raymond Knops, that the Island Council would somehow be responsible for solution of the ‘goat problem’ on the island.

According to Sneek, Knops told him and other Council members that if the Island Council were unable to solve the goat problem, he (Knops) himself would have to deal with it.

“We were threatened yesterday that if we cannot deal with the goat problem ourselves, he will deal with it. Since February 2018 and the intervention, Mr. Knops and his Government Commissioner took control and took responsibility also over the goat problem. Three and a half years later, the problem is still there. And now he blames an Island Council with limited legislative powers and absolutely no executive powers that this problem is still there?”, said Sneek during a press conference of the Island Council on Tuesday morning.

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