Sneek wants to know what’s going on with Stichting Wegenfonds

Sneek has various questions about the 2019 Financials; one of them regarding the Stichting Wegenfonds on the island.

Oranjestad- Koos Sneek of the List Sneek on St. Eustatius wants to know from Government what the situation is with the Stichting Wegenfonds on the island.

This is one of many questions Sneek has sent to the Government Commisisioners pertaining to the 2019 financial statement.

Sneek points out that Stichting Wegenfonds is not carrying out activities and despite its obligations has never submitted any financial statements since it’s inception in 2004. Sneek also notes that in the current year an attempt has been made to close down the foundation.

Sneek now wants to know why the Public Entity keeps providing financial support to the Road Foundation. Sneek also wants to know why Island Government is responsible for the non-payment of taxes by the foundation. “Are the Board Members not legally responsible for this?”, Sneek asks in his letter.

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