Social Service Time Bonaire should offer youth activities and development

The program offers younsters various activities and a chance to discover what they want in life. Photo: MDT Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- Social Service Time Bonaire (MDT Bonaire), a collaboration between the public entity Bonaire and MDT Netherlands, should offer young people more activities and development opportunities on the island.

A common complaint on the island is that there is “nothing to do” on the island. The MDT program, aimed at young people between the ages of 23 and 27, should change this. “As a young person you will then do something for society,” says spokesperson Damaly Linkers. “But you also do it for yourself.” You spend a total of 80 hours on it, spread over 6 months. In the afternoon after school, after work or during the holidays you go to your project at an organization. Participating organizations must be able to offer a good place to learn. We want to start with 5 organizations for a total of at least 50 young people.

Development and growth

The goal of MDT Bonaire is that young people develop their talents, get to know themselves and know better what they want in life. They are supervised by professionals. Young people can register for various reasons. For example, because they do not know what they want in life, or because they want guidance in developing their talents. “

“Some youngsters want to gain more experience before making important decisions about their lives. Or they want to do meaningful work for a while. Or they want to see what new opportunities the project brings. But even if you just want to have a fun, meaningful time, MDT Bonaire is a good idea,” says Linkers about the program.

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