Some visitors encounter hurdles with Online Payment Tourism Entry Tax

KRALENDIJK- There are complaints on the internet from tourists who try to pay the Tourism Entry Tax online, but do not succeed.

After filling out the personal details, users report it is not possible to click through to the payment page. Reportedly, the Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) is aware of the problem. TCB points out visitors that the fee can also be paid upon arrival. However, this is only possible with the PIN card or a credit card.

Not everyone encounters the problem: The BES-Reporter put the system to the test on Sunday and was able to pay online with the credit card without any problems. Sending the QR code as proof of payment is also sent quickly.


In the meantime, unforeseen problems with the current set-up will be evaluated in the coming period. When asked, Deputy Hennyson Thielman says that if changes have to be made based on the experience during the first months, this will certainly be done. In particular, it hurts tourists who visit the island several times within a short period of time, that they have to pay again and again while the logic behind this is lacking.

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