Special church service on Saba for King Willem-Alexander

Governor Johnson and his family was also present at the special service. Photo: Public Entity Saba

THE BOTTOM- The morning of April 27th, the community gathered for service at Sacred Heart Church in The Bottom to celebrate His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. 

The service was attended by members of the community as well as government officials, including Island Governor Johnathan Johnson, who all came to show their support for the King and his accomplishments.  

The special church service was led by Father Zibi, who delivered a sermon of wise words and hope that resonated with many and reminded those of the importance of unity, faith, and happiness. Pastor Vernon Liburd was also in attendance, as he led the congregation in prayer.

During the service, Island Governor Johnson gave a special speech to the congregation highlighting the King’s birthday and 10th anniversary on the throne. The congregation was also given a special performance by Elvira Van Groningen on the violin and Devi Van Groningen on the guitar. It was a beautiful and uplifting occasion for all who participated.


Following the service, attendees gathered outside to mingle and exchange greetings as refreshments were served, enjoying the community connectivity of the event. The special church service for King Willem-Alexander was deemed a meaningful celebration.

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