Special Visitor at Flamingo Airport

The IndiGo Airbus at Flamingo Airport Saturday evening. Photo: Neshomar Anthony.

Kralendijk- Bonaire International Airport yesterday evening saw a special guest in the form of an Airbus A320, which made a fuel stop in Bonaire on the way from Havana, Cuba to Brazil.

The airplane, formerly operated by Indian carrier IndiGo was on a ferry flight to be delivered to a new Brazilian airline, Itapemirim, or in short ITA. The flight originated in India and had Bello Horizonte in Brazil as its final destination.

ITA Transportes Aéreos is a new low-cost point-to-point domestic carrier in Brazil. It will fly with a fleet of Airbus A320 family aircraft. Just last week, ITA received it’s Air Operator Certificate, so that operations may soon begin.

The new carrier will have a striking yellow livery, which will make it stand out wherever it flies. The Indigo Airbus is to be repainted with the new carrier’s logo upon arrival.

The new Brazilian airline will have a striking yellow livery. Photo: ITA Transportes Aéreos.
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