Speed ​​meet to bring together local jobseekers and employers in the tourism sector

Speed ​​meet to bring together local jobseekers and employers in the tourism sector

KRALENDIJK – The tourism sector on Bonaire is struggling with staff shortages. As a result, many entrepreneurs are experiencing trouble. With the high season approaching, these shortages must be remedied quickly. That is why Plenchi di Trabou, Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) and Bonaire Hotel and Tourism Association (BONHATA) are joining forces to bring job seekers and employers together during a speed meet on the 11th of November.

There is a shortage of staff for housekeeping, kitchen, bar and service, among other things. The three organizations prefer to fill the demand for personnel with job seekers from the island. That is why they have looked for short-term solutions together. This is how the idea arose to organize a ‘speed meet’ with the title “Ban traha den Turismo”. In addition, the parties will continue to work together on long-term solutions to ensure sufficient qualified local staff on the island to meet the demand in the growing tourism sector.

Speed ​​meet “Ban traha den Turismo”

The first speed meet in the tourism sector will take place on  the 11th of November, 2021 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Jong Bonaire (Kaya Simon Bolivar 16). During this ‘speed meet’ job seekers and employers meet at one location. Here they can quickly search for a match. If there is a match, a follow-up appointment is made. Plenchi di Trabou has already organized several successful speed meets in other sectors, during which many job seekers found paid jobs and vacancies were filled.

By linking local job seekers directly to companies in the hospitality sector on Bonaire during the speed meet, Plenchi di Trabou, TCB and BONHATA aim to increase the number of local professionals in the tourism sector. This will provide entrepreneurs with good and sustainable staff and local job seekers with paid jobs. In this way, the ‘speed meet’ contributes to both the urgent demand for personnel from the tourism sector and to increasing the opportunities of job seekers on the island.


Employers in the tourism sector who are looking for personnel can register directly. Job seekers registered with Plenchi di Trabou and other local people interested in working in the hospitality and tourism sector can also apply for the speed meet on the 11th of November. Employers and job seekers can register by sending an email to  For questions or more information, the Plenchi di Trabou team can also be contacted at: +599-7158346

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