SSO-CN takes renewed office building into use

Photo: National Department of the Caribbean Netherlands

Kralendijk – On Monday, August 19th, the Shared Service Organization of RCN (SSO-CN) moved to the former APNA building on Kaya International. Until recently the 110 employees were housed in the Mall in the center of Kralendijk.

In the past period, the outdated building has been modernized into a central one for all SSO-CN employees of Bonaire. The working environment is arranged in such a way that it not only facilitates, but also stimulates to work in a different way. The concept of open spaces and shared workplaces is new in the region. The renovation was also done to make the building more sustainable. It is equipped with energy- efficient lighting, water efficient toilets and, in collaboration with Selibon, waste is separated.

The decrease in the number of square meters and the reduction of four SSO-CN buildings to one central office immediately results into annual cost savings. The entire renovation was carried out by local and regional parties. Goods and furniture that are not moved to the new office building are handed over to local foundations.

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