St. Barths Landing Accident with Air Antilles plane Causes Considerable Damage

The accident has caused considerable damage to both plane and the chopper which was hit during the accident.

GUSTAVIA- An accident with an Air Antilles Twinotter Aircraft on the airport of St. Barths has caused not only a scare for the passengers and crew on board, but also quite some material damage.

The left wing of the Air Antilles plane was all but ripped off, while a chopper parked on the platformnw hich was the landing plane, also sustained enourmous damage.

According to the Pilot in Command (PIC) of the plane, the landing proceeded normally, but the brakes of the aircraft would have given out at some point, causing the airport to veer of the runway and struck the chopper.

Thankfully, no personal injuries have been reported. The French aviation authorities have immediately started an investigation into the cause of the accident.

The airport in the meantime has reopened to normal traffic.

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