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St. Eustatius and Saba first to Celebrate Carnival again

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Saban Tyler Johnson got many compliments about his costume design. Photo: Tyler Johnson.

Oranjestad/The Bottom- St. Eusatius and Saba are the first islands in the Kingdom to celebrate Carnival once again. This on the is possible because there are no active Covid-cases on either island, and because both islands celebrate carnival later in the year than the rest of the Kingdom does. This means the islands were well on their way with their vaccination campaigns, before the start of any carnival activity.

While Saba from early on achieved a very high vaccination grade, with about 90% of adults on the island already inoculated, St. Eustatius has not. On St. Eustatius a mere 50% of the population is now fully vaccinated. Local Government is therefor mentally prepared for a potential outbreak of the Covid-19 virus on the island at any time.

Covid-19 however was the last thing on the revelers’ minds, who seemed to have a great time enjoying Carnival after after having skipped carnival in 2020. In Saba, troupes seemed bigger and better organized this year compared to other years, while in Statia 6 troupes seemed to have a wonderful time.


The other islands can, at the earliest, start to consider a carnival celebration in 2022. This means there will not have been any carnival celebrations for 2 whole years. St. Maarten, earlier in the year, contemplated having their regular April Carnival this year, but the Jacobs cabinet quickly changed their mind and blew off this year’s carnival, before preparations started.

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