St. Eustatius

St. Eustatius present at Conference on Capacity building and knowledge sharing

A view of the participants of the conference which was held in The Hague. Photo: Statia Government. 

THE HAGUE – The unit manager of internal services for the Government of St. Eustatius, Francisca Gibbs, joined human resources professionals from Saba and Bonaire, as well as of the national government service RCN and the shared service organization of RCN for a conference in The Hague, aimed at strengthening cooperation. 

The gathering, organised by the directorate-general, kingdom relations at the ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations, focused on knowledge sharing and strengthening capacity. With limited human resources and challenges in filling vacancies, the HR professionals explored practical, effective means of collaboration to increase their ability to function effectively. 

During the conference, the three islands made presentations and participated in workshops on human capacity, including the return of people who were born on the islands and now live in the Netherlands, recruitment, labour mobility, flexible deployment of workers and keeping employees motivated.  

They also agreed to hold a follow-up conference, further collaboration, and sharing of plans and documents, among other matters.

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