Stadium may disappear from the center of Kralendijk

Stadium may disappear from the center of Kralendijk

KRALENDIJK- The plan is not new, but the Executive Council of Bonaire is still toying with the idea of ​​ moving the Kralendijk stadium (Stadion di Playa) to a new location outside the city center.

That is what the Deputy of Infrastructure, James Kroon, says. On Thursday, Kroon gave an overview of the progress of work on various sports fields on the island. In that light, the situation around the Stadion di Playa was also discussed.

“It is likely that we will move the stadium to a place outside of the centre. We cannot yet indicate when this will happen, but we can say that it will be seriously looked at,” said Kroon.


In traffic studies that were carried out several years ago, the stadium should disappear, in favor of, among other things, new roads to be built. This could also address the current bottleneck of traffic that has to pass from the airport through the center. Long traffic jams often occur on the T-junction in front of the stadium, because both the Kaya Gilberto Croes and the Kaya International are relatively crowded.

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