Start of campaign “Surrender and disarm”

Reducing illegal possession of (fire) arms is in the interest of everyone, in order to achieve this, in the period of October 21 to October 27 on Saba and Statia and October 28 to November 3 on Bonaire, there will be a turn-in campaign of (fire) weapons. The aim of the “Surrender and disarm” project is to remove as many fire and other weapons as possible from the streets and to emphasize the awareness of the danger of these weapons.

The (fire) weapons can be handed in between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. at the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) and on Bonaire also at the Public Prosecution Service (OM). The holder of a (illegal) firearm also has the option to have it collected by appointment with the KPCN. The identity of the person handing in the firearm will be  registered. Firearms cannot be handed in anonymously. If after a shooting test it appears that there are no shooting incidents associated with a firearm, the possessor of the firearm will NOT be prosecuted.

If there is a link between the surrendered firearm and a shooting incident, the person who handed over the weapon will be heard as a suspect. Other weapons (such as striking, punching and stabbing weapons) CAN be returned anonymously.

During the hand-in campaign, young people from various schools will participate in a competition in which they show through photography how firearms influence society and hereby also their lives.

Working together for a safer Caribbean Netherlands.

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