Starting Tomorrow: Air Bubble with Aruba Suspended

The recent flare-up is also very bad news for Aruba Airlines.

Kralendijk- As of tomorrow, august 6th, the unlimited travel between Bonaire and Aruba will come to an end.

While the airspace will remain open, passengers will no longer be able to travel ‘freely’ from Aruba to Bonaire. The decision comes after the number of cases of persons infected with COVID-19 has increased drastically in Aruba.

Due to the recent flare-up in COVID -19 cases, Aruba is now considered a high-risk country. People who are currently still traveling to Bonaire from a high-risk country, such as Aruba, must be quarantined for 14 days at home.

The suspension of the “air bubble” means that agreements about an air connection with Aruba will be stopped for a while. When the situation in Aruba returns to normal, the “air bubble” can be continued with the old agreements.

Tourists in Aruba
People who have been in Aruba since July 23 must monitor their health. In case of complaints, these persons can contact the Public Health Department. A number of sources of infection have been identified by the Aruban authorities.

These include Gusto Night Club, Lola / Craft Bar and Restaurant and Nightclub i Muscles and Lungs Gym. People on Bonaire who have been on one of these occasions during their stay in Aruba between July 17 and August 3, 2020 have a duty to report. They should contact the Public Health Department at 0800-0800.

Residents of Bonaire who are still in Aruba can return to Bonaire with an exemption from the Island Governor. When there is an overview of how many returnees there are in Aruba, information is given on how these people can return. From the moment the airspace opened, it has already been indicated that travel takes place at your own risk. So there will be no financial support for people who cannot return. Residents of Aruba who are on Bonaire are responsible for arranging their return to Aruba.

Medical Corridor
A special corridor will be opened for those who have traveled to Aruba or who still have to go there for medical reasons. This concerns patients of ZVK from Bonaire and medical specialists. These people are transported between the airport and the hospital. This makes the chance of contamination very small. ZVK patients are asked to contact ZVK for their medical broadcast.

Travel condition
Arubans who want to come to Bonaire now or Bonaireans who want to go to Aruba, are advised to postpone their trip. Travelers who have to come to Bonaire for a special reason are obliged to fill out the health declaration and will be quarantined for 14 days as stated in the emergency ordinance.

The completed health declaration provides the Public Health Service with insight into the health status of people who come to Bonaire. The health declaration can be found at:

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