State secretary: Serious deficiencies in local airline inspections

Two of the MD-aircraft of Insel grounded by the Aruban aviation authorities on the platform of Hato International Airport. On the right a Fokker70 aircraft of Surinamese company Fly All Ways which executes flights for Insel on a wet lease basis. Photo: Harald Linkels

Oranjestad, Aruba- State Secretary Sharon Dijksma of the Dutch Ministery of Infrastructure and the Environment said in a press conference on Aruba today that there are serious deficiencies in airline inspections in both Curaçao and Aruba. Dijksma said that while there were some deficiencies in Aruba, the situation in Curaçao was the really serious one. Dijksma also said that apart from the shortcomings at the aviation inspection in Curaçao, many deficiencies had also been encountered at Inseal Air itself.

According to Dijksma the situation is of such magnitude, that immediate intervention is needed by Dutch aviation inspectors to ensure that deficiencies are addressed as soon as possible. According to Dijksma, the efforts on Aruba are geared towards the re-certification of Insel Air Aruba as an airline, so that the airplane of that company are once again allowed to fly. Dijksma said that Dutch aviation inspectors were to arrive in Aruba in a matter of days.

“The Dutch government realizes that flights between the islands can be considered a form of public transportation”, said Dijksma, who added that this transportation should take place in a safe manner. Dijksma said that while her Ministry is more than willing to extend help to the 2 islands, the Dutch government under no circumstances would be prepared to provide a financial injection for the local carrier.

The State Secretary stated that safety in the airline industry is a joint interest of all the countries in the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

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