State Secretary van Huffelen meets Unkobon

State Secretary van Huffelen meets Unkobon
Herbert Piar from the Unkobon Board handing over a reusable shopping bag to Van Huffelen

KRALENDIJK- During her visit to Bonaire on 14 February, Secretary of State Alexandra van Huffelen made time for a conversation with the board of Unkobon. 

Unkobon gave a brief outline of the activities that the union has carried out in the past 10 years in the interest of the entire population of Bonaire. Unkobon then asked attention for a number of worrying developments on Bonaire such as the sharply rising cost of living, the growing backlog in legislation to protect consumers compared to the European part of the Netherlands, the differences in subsidy policy and the continuation of the unsuccessful benchmark policy with which the cost of living should drop dramatically. 

Credit foundation

According to Unkobon, they do not only identifies problems, but also work on solutions. In that light, Van Huffelen was informed about the plan to set up a credit foundation together with the Public Entity Bonaire for people with low incomes who want to build their own house. Unkobon also gives attention to making it easier to invest in sustainable energy, eliminating the backlog of consumer rights and establishing a social minimum based on the actual cost of living. 


Unkobon says they experienced the meeting as very pleasant, also due to the open attitude of Ms Van Huffelen. As a token of gratitude, incoming board chairman Herbert Piar gave her a Unkobon shopping bag.

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