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Statia Department of Culture Launches Artifacts Donation Program

artifact donations

The Culture Department says that artifact collection must be deliberate and sustainable. Photo: Statia Government

By Daniela Richardson

Oranjestad- The Department of Culture in Sint Eustatius is continually growing its collections and has now started its Artifacts Donation program. The Department says it is requesting assistance from the community of the island.

In an effort to incorporate as much history into its work in developing, promoting, documenting and archiving as possible, the Department is putting out a call for local artifacts. Collecting, according to the Department, must be “deliberate and sustainable”, and therefor new artifacts are accepted into the collections.

The artifacts can be donated for short term, long term or seasonal. The department is looking for objects such as signs, pictures, architectural fragments, archaeological findings, ornaments, pictures, videos and other items related to heritage, traditions, beliefs, customs, history, CULTURE.

The Department of Culture says that anyone with a potential artifacts can start bringing the objects in question to the office of the Department of Culture at Mazinga Square. Further information can be obtained from Nasha Radjouki at 318-2883. Emails can be sent to or

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