Statia Government Commissioner Alida Francis in New Year Speech: “Work priceless wonders and dream things that never were”

ORANJESTAD- Government Commissioner Alida Francis in her New Year Speech looked back on the year 2023, and forward to the year 2024. 

According to Francis, 2023 year was a tapestry of trials and triumphs, from anxieties about the cost of living to celebrating achievements like securing an apology for historical injustices and becoming a UNICEF Child Friendly Cities candidate.

Francis also noted that, despite the challenges, 2023 saw significant progress in public finance, democracy restoration, and infrastructural improvements. “Looking ahead to 2024, opportunities abound in the cultural heritage sector, spurred by funding from historical apologies. The island envisions growth in tourism, civil servant training, digitalization, and law enforcement”, said Francis.

Embracing opportunity

Francis also expressed that she had a strong belief that the best days are yet to come. “The islanders emphasize the importance of embracing opportunities, honoring responsibilities, celebrating successes, and fortifying strengths. Inspired by a collective vision of a progressive and passionate Statia, they look forward to a year filled with greatness and prosperity”, said Francis in closing.

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