Statia Nurses graduate after 2 year study

Oranjestad – After two years of intense study and practices five student nurses of St. Eustatius Community Center and 1 of the Auxiliary Home finished successfully their study and became certified nursing assistants on the 12th December 2018.

The program was part of a two year project Home Care from the Directorate Social Welfare from the St. Eustatius and sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of SZW & VWS. The goals of the project was;

  1. to promote preventive integral care, safety and social welfare of: Seniors who
    a. are living alone;
    b. who are alone during the day;
    c. who can no longer provide (optimally) for themselves.
  2. to combat social isolation among Seniors;
  3. supporting, guiding, coaching and empowering caregivers;
  4. promoting the social and economic position of the low socioeconomic status population by offering;
    a. education, re-training and further training in health care;
    b. providing employment;
    c. intensive support.

The nurses get their training at the St. Eustatius Community Center, the Auxiliary Home and the Queen Beatrix Medical Center. The program was supervised and certified by the Gwendoline van Putten School in collaboration with Vitalis college in Holland.

The newly graduates will continue their professional career by the the Queen Beatrix Medical Center at the District Home department.

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