Statia residents fed up with garbage situation

Residents of St. Eustatius are fed up with the garbage situation. In some areas garbage has not been collected in weeks.

Oranjestad- In spite of recent positive news regarding the Statia Waste Management Company preparing to become operational, the reality at present is that residents have seen garbage piling up in their homes or business place in recent weeks. Many residents have, in the meantime, taken it upon themselves to transport garbage to the dump. However, this is not so easy for those who are not in possession of a pickup truck or for those who know no one in possession of such a vehicle.

Various residents have complained to the BES-Reporter in recent days that garbage has not been collected for weeks in their respective neighborhoods. The situation with uncollected garbage is not only a nuisance, but is also one that can have implications for the public health.

In speaking to the BES-Reporter, Roy Hooker, director of Infrastructure, admitted that there have indeed been issues with the garbage trucks as well as some staffing issues. “We are currently in the process of transferring the collection and processing of garbage to a new private entity” said Hooker, who also said that there are still some loose ends which need to be wrapped up. According to Hooker the intention is for the garbage collection to start taking place again for now on a rotating schedule to at least alleviate the piling-up of uncollected garbage on the island. Hooker also expressed hope that, once privatized, the situation of garbage collection and processing would dramatically improve.

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