Statia signs performance agreement with Diker Sports Training Academy

On the pictures: teams that Diker Sports Training Academy brought together and the first female basketball team.

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- The Public Entity St. Eustatius signed a performance agreement with Diker Sports Training Academy to further strengthen the foundations’ program for youth, especially teenagers.

By providing the teenagers a positive experience, improving their self-esteem and learning social skills, they have access to valuable life lessons. These will help them to make better decisions when dealing with problems, aggression and loss.

The agreement with Diker Sports Training Academy forms part of an overall action plan for teenagers. This is developed in a joint effort with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports in the Netherlands (VWS). VWS also contributes financially.

Teenagers and local stakeholders are actively involved in the development and execution. Through this action plan, teenagers aged 12-18+ are offered a healthy, safe and promising environment to grow up in.


Diker Academy will be supported by the Unit Social Support within the Directorate Social Domain to offer activities and guidance after school through sports. The organization is a new addition to the existing organizations that are active on St. Eustatius. Diker Academy is linked to the Directorate Social Domain and for sports to the Saint Eustatius Sports Facilities Foundation.

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