Statia to get own race strip in Zeelandia area

Preparation for the construction of a racestrip in Bonaire. Photo: BES-Reporter

ORANJESTAD- In a press release issued to the media, a raceway at Zeelandia has been identified for official use under the administration of Island Commissioners Simmons and Schmidt.

For many years, bikers have been using this very road for racing. However, it was never made official. In a roundtable discussion held on the 23rd of January, stakeholders ranging from several departments, including representatives of the motor sport racing organizations, all agreed to have this road used as a raceway, pending safety precautions and until plans are finalized by the racing fraternities in order to continue the issuance of a suited location.

An alternative route to Zeelandia’s for residents and others has been identified. This road will be used mainly when the raceway is being occupied.


“Motor sports makes a big contribution to a country’s sense of community by promoting a sense of social togetherness, and the direct economic contribution to the sport also has a spin off’ effect on other industries, such as our hospitality sector, food & beverage, car rentals and many other”, says Commissioner Simmons. 

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