Statian Iguanas Prominently Displayed at Blijdorp Zoo Rotterdam

Photo: Harald Linkels
Then-Government Commissioner Mike Franco helped to carry the Statian Iguanas on board for their journey to The Netherlands. Photo: RCN

Rotterdam/Oranjestad- The Statian Iguanas which were transported to The Netherlands back in May 2018 in the light of a protection and breeding program are prominently displayed at Rotterdam’s Blijdorp Zoo.

Apart from the display itself, mentioning the iguanas being from St. Eustatius and an endangered species, there is also a display providing background information on the project. Pictures show details of the journey of the iguanas to The Netherlands on the Government-owned plane.

Various displays provide information about the iguanas and the project. Photo: Harald Linkels

The display of the Statian Iguanas is part of the “Oceaniëne” exhibition at the Zoo. The displays also provide information about the work of Stenapa, DCNA as well as on the protection of -among others- corals and mangroves on the islands.

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