Statia’s Childcare Directors visit the Netherlands

ORANJESTAD/HAARLEMAs part of the twinning program, four directors of the childcare centers on Statia are currently in the Netherlands to visit the Kinderopvang Op Stoom in Haarlem. The twinning program forms part of the BES(t)4 kids’ program which focus is to offer all children in the Dutch Caribbean a safe, high quality and affordable childcare. 

Zuwena Suares, Jarmila Berkel, Dion Humpreys and Sherees Timber join efforts with directors, managers and pedagogical staff of the Kinderopvang Op Stoom in The Netherlands to share their experience. A program was created including trainings and visits to various locations. “The goal of our travel is to share knowledge, says Zuwena Suares, director of Buzzy Bees Inn Daycare Center. “Kinderopvang Op Stoom is an organization with 65 childcare centers with expertise. We join hands, share skills and talk about pedagogics. We visit childcare centers, preschools and out of school programs. We work together in childcare centers along with colleagues from Op Stoom. A good foundation has been established for a long-lasting working relationship,” Suares said. 

Quality increase 

The director of Kinderopvang Op Stoom, Linda Blankhorst, worked for a period of three years on Statia in the childcare center, 25 years ago. She now guides the directors to develop and implement a pedagogical policy for the childcare centers as part of Bes(t)4kids. A great advantage is that Blankhorst knows the culture and the setup of the childcare centers on Statia. Linda Blankhorst: “We took a big step forward now with the visit of the directors. There is ample time to discuss the quality of childcare in depth. Based on examples from the different centers at Kinderopvang Op Stoom and the centers on Statia, the directors’ visions are enlarged and they can implement what we do here and what can work in Statia as well.” 

Fun collaboration  The directors from Statia were guest at the Op Stoom Talk show in a concert hall in Haarlem. Mega D. ensured that there was a performance during the talk show. Drew, Statia’s upcoming artist in Holland, gave a spectacular performance. Music connects and the staff from Op Stoom became fans of Drew’s music.  

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