Statia’s Island Council visits The Netherlands

(ltr) Merkman, Spanner-Robins, Sneek, Leerdam and Van Putten, seen here together with State Secretary van Huffelen (m). 

DEN HAAG/ORANJESTAD- A delegation of 4 Island Council members and acting Registrar are this week in The Netherlands for various meeetings. 

The deletation consists of Council members Clyde van Putten, Koos Sneek, Rechelline Leerdam, Reuben Merkman and deputy Registrar Melissa-Spanner Robins. Adelka Spanner forms no part of the delegation and has stayed at home. 

The delegation kicked off the meetings on Tuesday with a visit to State Secretary of Kingdom Affairs, Alexandra van Huffelen. There are various other meetings on the program, among others with fellow parlamentarians. 


The delegation hopes, among others, to convince their counterparts in The Netherlands that return to Democracy on the island is really starting to be a pressing matter. 

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