Statia’s Royal Decorating Committee mentioned in Dutch Newsletter

Members of Statia’s Royal Decorating Committee

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- Since the existence of the Chancellery of the Netherlands Orders, and that has been quite a few years, there has never been a newsletter. In the first newsletter published, there is also a piece of the Caribbean Netherlands and a photo of the committee on St. Eustatius, that was appointed in September 2020.

The committee members on St. Eustatius are Anica Marsdin (President), Marion Schroen (Secretary), Maxine Spanner-Suares (member), Rosabel Blake (member) and Beulah Simmons-Merkman (member).

The islands in the Dutch Caribbean and municipalities in the European Netherlands can annually submit candidates for a royal decoration.

It took a lot of effort and commitment of both the members of the committee and the family members and friends of the nominees to submit the documents with thorough background information outlining why the person nominated should be considered for the year 2021.

Annually, on the birthday of H.R.H King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands Dutch nationals are decorated for noteworthy contributions in their respective communities. Then, the names of the award citizens of St. Eustatius will be made known to the public and to the nominee.

Snip of the newsletter mentioning Statia’s Decorating Committee.

On the following can be read: The General Opportunity for the presentation of Royal decorations on the last working day before the birthday of His Majesty the King (the Ribbon Rain) will take place this year, as usual, on Monday, April 26, albeit in a modified form. 

The committee would like to get out to the public that they can send in names of nominees at any time through

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