St. Eustatius

Statia’s Year Plans presented to new Commissioners

A view of the meetings taking place. Photo: Statia Government

ORANJESTAD- Directors of the local government in St. Eusatius are currently presenting their year plans to the newly appointed Island Commissioners Derreck Simmons and Glenvill Schmidt.

The information sessions aretaking place Tuesday and Wednesday. In this way the new Commissioners will have immediate insight into the processes, procedures, plans and portfolios. Support staff of the Commissioners and the directors are also present.

The Government Commissioners Alida Francis and Claudia Toet met  on Wednesday monring to discuss the mutual cooperation and how the parties can effectively and efficiently work together. The newly appointed Island Commissioners were taken along in the ongoing work related to the implementation of the Multi Annual Implementation Action Plan, an agreement signed with the Dutch Central Government in June this year.

This Plan has the input and support of the Island Council.

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