Stenapa with bumper sticker to protect iguanas

STENAPA is giving away stickers to promote drivers to brake for the iguanas on the Statian roads

Oranjestad- Nature organization STENAPA has developed a bumper sticker to help save the life of iguanas on the island. The sticker has been developed especially for Statia with the help of the International Reptile Conservation Foundation (IRCF). STENAPA hopes that the bumper sticker will motivate drivers to drive slow or stop for iguanas crossing the road in order not to wound or kill the animals. STENAPA is calling on interested Statians to come and get one of their bumper stickers from the STENAPA team between 11.30 AM and 12 Noon on December 19 and 20 at the WIB pavilion or Sugartown bus stop. Looking at the fact that the sticker is quite unique, it is very well possible that the stickers will also be a desirable object for tourists to take home. The iguana’s on Statia are of the rare Lesser Antilles or Iguana Delicatissima variety and therefor deserve protection.

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