Stichting Krusada in cooperation with WEB is now able to deliver irrigation water by truck to hotels, farmers and gardeners on Bonaire.

Photo: Water and Energy Company Bonaire

Kralendijk – The efforts of WEB and the Executive Council, an agreement has been reached with the Krusada Foundation for the delivery of irrigation water. Krusada Foundation has been active on Bonaire for more than 20 years in order to help and guide individuals and families with social problems to return to society. In addition, the Krusada Foundation has large work projects (including metal, wood and greenery) which are project locations used for practical education and training. This agreement is an important step for the coming years for WEB and the Krusada foundation.

In order to resume the supply of irrigation water, WEB has consciously opted to work with the Krusada foundation and is very proud of this agreement. Corporate social responsibility plays an important role for the cooperation between WEB and the Krusada Foundation. With funds generated from the distribution service, the Krusada Foundation will be able to invest in practical training and education programs and work training for their clients.

Customers can request the delivery services of the Krusada Foundation for a fee, including transportation costs. The rate is $ 7/m3. For registered customers with their own water truck, WEB opened the delivery from the filling station for a trial period at LVV. The costs to access the water from the filling station with your own water truck is of course excluding the cost of transportation the rate is of $ 1.50/m3. WEB offers options to the Bonerian community in its endeavour to bring good quality irrigation water to customers as much as possible.

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