Still many complaints about MCB service in St. Eustatius

Employees of MCB are said to also struggle with the change-over and often have limited tools to assist customers on St. Eustatius. Photo: BES-Reporter.

ORANJESTAD- While improvement has been promised at even the highest level of the Maduro & Curielsbank, customers in St. Eustatius continue to -oftentimes bitterly- complain about the service of the MCB, since the swap from Windward Island Bank to the MCB Bonaire Branch. 

Most complaints are directed at what is described as ‘continuous mistakes’. However, many also experience that the staff at the St. Eustatius branch often times have no answers and the service on the customer service line is often not adequate, and sometimes unfriendly. Many customers on St. Eustatius share their stories on Facebook, or comment on posts with accounts of their own experience.


“The staff in St. Eustatius is trying their best, but they are in over their head”, says one of the parties involved. The them of the sub-optimal banking service on St. Eustatius and Saba has been regularly raised by not only customers, but also the Executive and Island councils of both island. 

While State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen, but also the Ministry of Finance, has repeatedly stated that the issue has their attention, they also point to the fact that a tangible solution is ‘complicated’. 

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