STINAPA continues shooting practices in Washington Slagbaai Park

Washington Park Entrance

Kralendijk – STINAPA alerts the community that shooting practices will continue in Washington Slagbaai Park. STINAPA employees have official permits to practice shooting in Washington Slagbaai Park.

We want to alert everyone to not trespass private property at any time of the day especially during afterhours. To ensure safety of our employees we conduct a strict internal communication strategy to prevent accidents.

However in the past we have had issues with people trespassing in Washington Slagbaai Park. We want to alert everyone that it is against the law to be in Washington slagbaai without permission and we will not be able to ensure safety of any person trespassing.

Our professionals use targets and always shoot with a background, however we also want to alert fishermen to be aware that there will shooting taking place to avoid these areas of the marine park. Do not enter Washington Slagbaai Park without permission under any circumstance.

We want to thank all for the cooperation and stay safe in these tough times.

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