STINAPA launches book of Bonaire’s special plants and herbs 

The books contains information about plants and herbs, and also details how they can be used for healing. Photo: STINAPA

KRALENDIJK- Last week STINAPA celebrated at Washington Slagbaai Park the big launch of “Mata i Yerba di Mama Tera” (Plants and Herbs of Mother Earth), written by Denise de Jongh-Rekwest and commissioned by STINAPA. 

According to STINAPA, plants and herbs have been healing people on Bonaire for ages, but sadly, these traditions are starting to vanish. “With this book, we hope to keep these traditions alive and show the importance of our cultural traditions. Readers will be able to learn about the medicinal, healing, and traditional applications of our endemic plants as well as our history” says STINAPA.


The organization is grateful to the traditional healers and herbalists such as George “Kultura” Thode, and the Philomena Beaumont, who shared their wisdom to make this book possible. The book is available for purchase at STINAPA’s headquarters in both English and Papiamentu.  

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