STINAPA launches new video episodes Junior Rangers Explore

Dive into shark waters with brand new STINAPA Junior Rangers Explore episode featuring Sharks and Ecocide.

STINAPA Junior Rangers Explore, the television series that features Bonaire’s junior rangers researching nature, returns with 4 brand new episodes this summer. The first episode focuses on the growing threats that sharks face, not only on Bonaire, but globally. The junior rangers talk to a scientist, a lawyer and a Bonaire fisherman in their quest to discover why we need sharks to keep our ocean ecosystems healthy.

Following this episode there will be 3 more video’s released in this year’s series, namely ‘Invasive Species’, ‘Reforestation’ and ‘Lac Bay’.

The ‘STINAPA Junior Rangers Explore: Sharks & Ecocide’ episode may now be viewed online on the STINAPA facebook page via this link:

Many thanks to all junior rangers, crew and volunteers involved in the making of this important short film!

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