STINAPA objects to lack of enforcement

KRALENDIJK – STINAPA, the Bonaire National Parks Foundation, has announced that they have filed an appeal with the Court of Bonaire. The foundation wants the local government to enforce the law against the ‘Time to Smile Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort Bonaire’, which illegally constructed an artificial beach in October 2021.

Although the government issued a natural permit in January 2022, with the condition that the resort adjust the breakwater to comply with the regulations in the Bonaire Underwater Park Decree, the resort refused to comply. In March 2022, STINAPA requested the Supervision and Enforcement Directorate to enforce local laws, but it did not lead to action. Even objecting in July 2022 did not help.

Wageningen University has demonstrated that without a functional breakwater, the sand will end up on the coral reef, with potentially severe consequences for the environment. STINAPA deeply regrets that they had to appeal to the court, but they see no other way to safeguard the protection of the Bonaire National Marine Park. The foundation hopes that the local government will still take responsibility and enforce the law to prevent further damage to nature.

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