Students of Scholengemeenschap Bonaire make wastebins donkey-proof

Liseo director Barbara Sol is proud of the ingenuity of the TeTo students. Photo: Barbara Sol

KRALENDIJK- Students from the Technology and Application (TeTo) department of the Bonaire School Community have come up with a solution for Kooyman BV that can prevent pollution and destruction by donkeys on the premises of the hardware store.

Donkeys seem to enjoy indulging in the waste remnants from the company’s adjacent fried-chicken joint. It is a well-known fact that donkeys are not always gentle when they try to obtain food from trash cans or dumpsters.


“The first batch of TeTo students have devised a solution for Kooyman by making the trash cans donkey-proof. Who says the Mavo is only a theoretical program?” is the rhetorical, but also proud question from Liseo director Barbara Sol in a LinkedIn post.

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