Students Saba Comprehensive School visit waste facility

The Students from SCS together with employees of the Waste Facility. Photo: Government of Saba

THE BOTTOM – On January 17, 2024, Form 2A of Saba Comprehensive School visited our Waste Facility to express their gratitude to the diligent staff through the presentation of Tokens of Appreciation. 

The visit was attended by Roxanne Simmons, Patrick Hassell, and a select team of dedicated personnel who were on duty.

During the visit, Patrick Hassell addressed the importance of waste separation and explained the process employed by the facility upon waste reception. Form 2A has organized an additional visit for exploration of the waste facility, aimed at gaining valuable insights into its day-to-day operations.

Each student from Form 2A took the opportunity to personally bestow a token of appreciation upon a staff member. It is noteworthy that the students raised funds to procure these tokens, emphasizing their commitment to acknowledging the efforts of the Sanitation Department team.


The team of the Waste Facility expressed their gratitude for the thoughtful gesture extended by the Form 2A students of the Saba Comprehensive School.

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