Study Choice Caribbean once again with Virtual Study Fair

Study Choice Caribbean is once again organizing a virtual study fair for MBO, Havo, and VWO students from all six Caribbean islands. For the third consecutive time, this virtual study fair, scheduled for November 7 and 8, 2023, allows students to explore their future studies online from the comfort of their homes or schools. 

The online fair is specifically designed to assist students in making informed decisions about their future educational paths. Over the course of two days, students can attend interactive sessions, visit virtual booths, and engage in live chats with representatives from educational institutions. 

This provides them with a unique opportunity to ask questions and gather information about study programs, campus life, and enrollment procedures. Given the ever-changing landscape of education and the impact of technology on study choices, this fair comes at a crucial moment for the youth in the Caribbean region. 

Equal opportunities

The accessible format of the fair ensures that regardless of students’ geographical locations, they have equal opportunities to broaden their academic horizons. The organizers of Study Choice Caribbean emphasize the importance of this fair as a bridge between Caribbean youth and their potential future educational institutions.

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