Subsidy for new Farmer’s Cooperative St. Eustatius

Alida Francis, Commissioner Arlene Spanner and Sjahairah Fleming hold up the signed agreement. Photo: Statia Government

ORANJESTAD- The St Eustatius Farmer’s Cooperative will receive a $10,885 subsidy from the Statia Government to restart its activities. 

For this purpose the two sides last week signed a performance agreement outlining the conditions under which the funds are given to support the cooperative with the completion of its action plan. 

The agreement was signed by Sjahairah Fleming on behalf of the Cooperative and Government Commissioner Alida Francis, in the presence of island commissioner Arlene Spanner and other members of Cooperative’s Board. 

Action plan

The cooperative had submitted a 60-day action plan which includes the execution of tasks to improve its standing. Among the tasks are the establishment of establish new or amended articles of incorporation, the opening of local bank account, registration of at least 50 members, the provision of reports on needs assessment and production, and training in various agriculture related fields, including irrigation and water resource management for farming and husbandry.

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