Succesful Goat Farming training Bonaire wrapped up

KRALENDIJK- Professional goat farming on Bonaire is growing stronger and more professional, according to a press release from Bonaire Goverment.

In the October 9th and 10th a workshop was concluded bout increasing knowledge in the field of goat farming. Led by speakers Ing. Edward Berben (former Head of the Department of Agriculture and Husbandry, or LVV) and Ing. Sherwin Pourier (project leader of Professional Goat Farming) discussed various matters, related to the goat farming.

Important topics that were offered were breed improvement, nutrition, housing and quality mark. There was also a practical section, where characteristics of good nannys, instrumental for breeding programs were shown and discussed.

Meat quality

By selecting the best goats for goat farming, beautiful lambs can be bred by crossing the right nannys with purebred bucks. These lambs have tender meat and can be sold for a better price. By refreshing and increasing its knowledge, LVV to breathe new life into goat farming.

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