Successful Book Launch of ‘Un kashi yen’ at Mental Health Caribbean

Emotion cards help tell a story. Photo: MHC

KRALENDIJK – On Friday afternoon, Mental Health Caribbean (MHC) presented the children’s book ‘Un kashi yen’ about emotions and trauma to the public. 

“A big success,” says clinical psychologist Marielle Hoekstra, who captivated the children with an engaging storytelling about a mother coping with mental health issues due to past traumas.

Using emotion cards, Hoekstra showcased the various emotions depicted in the book, accompanied by a pianist who translated those feelings into sound. Children had to match and name an emotion based on the piano sounds. The interactive session also provided an opportunity for attendees to express their own (unpleasant) emotions, metaphorically filling their own personal “closet.”

Lena, who played a crucial role in adapting the Caribbean version of the book, shared her own story and how she underwent a psychological treatment journey with Hoekstra. Together, they explained the metaphor of a “closet” and emphasized the importance of discussing emotions and negative (traumatic) experiences. Excerpts from the book were also read aloud.


Krista Oplaat, board secretary at MHC, expressed satisfaction as she looked back on the event. “However, it is important to continue discussing these topics and encourage people to read the book.” ‘Un kashi yen’ is available for loan at the library.

“Books like these are a valuable addition to our collection,” says Jennifer Pocornie-Martis, member of the Bonaire Library Development Working Group, embracing initiatives and collaborations like this. “It aligns with the library’s societal role.”

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