Successful Celebration of Dag van Tera Kòrá

Hennyson Thielman addresses the attendees in a speech to honor Dia di Tera Kòrá - Photo ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – On Tuesday morning, August 1st, the Dag van Tera Kòrá was celebrated. The event took place at the Tera Kòrá Community Center.

Father Marc Hooijschuur delivered a speech to the attendees. “Today we celebrate the Dia di Tera Kòrá. When people come together, the community can achieve a lot. While we have control over many things and how we handle them, ultimately, things are also in the hands of God. I wish all the people of Tera Kòrá a wonderful day.”

Following that, Danniella Drullard performed and sang three songs in honor of the celebration of Dag van Tera Kòrá.

“We all benefit from what others have achieved to get to where we are today. Not only those who have already succeeded but also those who are present. Today, we honor two deserving individuals. We must also build for others in the future. We need to lay strong foundations for the future. Happy Dag van Tera Kòrá,” said Commissioner Hennyson Thielman, who was also present at the celebration.

Later, Gibi Bomba and Jeffry Scherpton were honoured, and two young word artists presented their performances. Bubui Goeloe from Plata Forma Tera Kòrá spoke during the neighbourhood celebration. The performance of the Kaha di Orgelspeler from Rincon and the dance show by Monique and Dony received much praise from the attendees.

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